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At Red Kite Coaching our mission is to make available individualized and holistic performance solutions for cyclists. We offer a variety of coaching, nutrition, and group training services to help reach the goals of nearly any individual or group. We value the importance of making these services available to those who choose to invest in themselves and pursue excellence. Getting started is simple; submit an inquiry through the form below and one of our coaches will get back to you shortly.   


Kristen ArnolD MS, RDN, CSSD

Kristen is a level 3 USA Cycling coach, category 1 domestic elite road racer and seasoned mountain bike and cyclocross racer. She has been racing bikes since 2012 in road, mountain, and cyclocross disciplines. In 2013 she completed Tour Divide in 23 days finishing with the 4th fastest recorded women’s time in the history of the race. The same year she founded and lead a women’s developmental cycling organization (Lady Gnar Shredders) dedicated to bringing more women into the sport and supporting their development.

Kristen is also a registered and licensed dietitian with a Master’s of Science (MS) in Nutrition from The Ohio State University and a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.. She provides individualized nutrition counseling services which complement her coaching. With Kristen’s diverse experience in the sport of cycling and expertise in nutrition, she provides a comprehensive approach to her coaching.

Ryan Gamm Ph.D.

Dr. Ryan Gamm is a level 2 USAC coach with over a decade's experience working with professional, elite, amateur, and recreational cyclists. Ryan has competed as a category 1 elite racer in road and cyclocross racer and holds multiple elite and masters state championships across disciplines. Holding a Ph.D. in Education Administration Ryan is familiar with what is required to balance work, school, and athletic pursuits.

Ryan provides personal coaching based on a holistic approach respecting the demands of a work-life balance.  As part of a client centered training approach, his goal is to help clients maximize their potential and develop healthy and sustainable practices. Ryan resides in Columbus, Ohio where he moonlights as an amateur gardener and animal enthusiast.


Coaching, Nutrition, & Training


Cycling Coaching Services

One-on-One Coaching Services - $150/month


  • Custom training programs developed and refined on a weekly basis
  • Daily training program tailored to meet your needs.
  • Frequent contact (email, phone, text) to plan and steer training, and evaluate progress.
  • Consulting as needed for Recovery, Race Strategy, Basic Race and Training Nutrition

‘Team’ Talks, prices vary

What is a team?

  • sports team
  • athlete’s club
  • members of gyms or fitness centers
  • employees of a company or members of an organization
  • community group or friends

What can we talk about?

  • Training
  • Nutrition (general, athletic/lifestyle recommendations, disease prevention, weight management)
  • Race Strategy, Collaboration, Tactics  

Nutrition Packages (complement coaching)

Nutrition bronze ($100 monthly)

  • Initial dietary assessment
  • Weekly nutrition goals built into training plan
  • Monthly 30 minute nutrition counseling session

Nutrition silver ($100 monthly + $150 seasonally)

  • Initial dietary assessment
  • Weekly nutrition goals build into training plan
  • Monthly 30 minute nutrition counseling session
  • ’Athlete’s assessment’ (personalized calorie and macronutrient needs + diet plan + sample daily meal plan)
  • Competition-day nutrition plan (pre, during, and post-event hydration and eating plan)

Nutrition gold ($200 monthly + $150 seasonally)

  • Weekly nutrition goals built into training plan
  • Initial dietary assessment
  • Weekly 20 minute nutrition counseling session by phone
  • ’Athlete’s assessment’ (personalized calorie and macronutrient needs + diet plan + sample daily meal plan)
  • Competition-day nutrition plan (pre, during, and post-event hydration and eating plan)
  • Weekly nutritional analysis (if recorded)

Nutrition Services

visit kristen's nutrition website 

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling
  • Additional services: 
    • 'Athlete's Assessment'
    • Competition-day nutrition plan
    • Training and rest day nutrition plan
    • Hydration plan

Pelotonia & Event

Training Plans


Whether you’re planning for Pelotonia, training for TOSRV, or just fixing to go farther and faster on the bike path, Red Kite is here to help! At Red Kite we understand that all riders have individual needs, so we’ve developed unique training packages to meet you where you are, and help you get where you want to go.  You choose the plan that best fits you, your goals, and your body. 


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