Whether you’re planning for Pelotonia, training for TOSRV, or just fixing to go farther and faster
on the bike path, Red Kite is here to help! At Red Kite we understand that all riders have
individual needs, so we’ve developed unique training packages to meet you where you are, and
help you get where you want to go. You choose the plan that best fits you, your goals, and your
We offer three tiers of services: a 10-week structured training package designed for whatever
distance you chose as your goal, a one-time training consultation to help ensure that you’re on
the right track, or ongoing personalized coaching services from an expert cycling coach.
Our mission is to help riders get and stay healthy, no matter where you start. Which of these
training plans is right for you?

10-Week Training Programs - $99

Training Consultations - $59

Contact us for a consultation!

A one-time training consultation with a cycling coach at Red Kite allows us to answer your most
pressing questions and guide you towards your cycling goals.

During the consultation we will discuss:

  • Your current and past training
  • Your current state of fitness
  • Strategies & next steps

A Training Consultation is for riders who:

  • looking for quick answers to training questions
  • Have concerns related to their preparation
  • Would like clarity on training, nutrition, hydration, equipment, mental preparation, and ride day strategy.

A consultation consists of:

  • A 45 minute consult with a Red Kite Coach (Phone, Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangout)
  • Answers to your training, nutrition, and other cycling questions
  • A list of recommended next steps provided within 2 days of your consult

Contact Us for a Consultation.

One-on-One coaching - $150/month

20% discount for Pelotonia riders