Pelotonia Training Plans


Self-guided training programs offer a weekly training and nutrition plan. These programs are for the self-guided individual looking for a sound and holistic training program. Along with each program comes the ability to contact the Red Kite coaches with training program questions as you prepare for your event. A great complete package to prepare for Pelotonia, other charity rides, or any distance event. 


7-Week Training Programs - $99

Are you a novice with your sights set on riding 25 miles?

Good for you! We have a “Couch to Quarter” program designed to meet your needs.


If you have a few training miles under your belt (or lycra) then check out our Spin Up series.

This is also a good fit for those of you who take a weekly spin class.  These plans will help you develop strength and endurance at a pace that’s right for you. You choose your distance goal, we’ll help you get there. 

Looking to take on a bigger challenge?

These plans can take your training to the next level, 35-100 miles. 

For our challenge plans we recommend you enter with some experience. You should be able to ride 20 miles to start the 55 mile plan, 35 miles for the 75 mile plan, and 50 for the 100 mile plan. Need more help? Our one-on-one coaching might be best. 


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